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Living Wisdom is a faith based online learning experience designed for those AMBITIOUS for LIFE SUCCESS who desire RADICAL CHANGE THAT LASTS. Living Wisdom is a Christ centred approach to personal development that combines psychology, philosophy and theology.

A Focus on Applying Living Wisdom insights

David Riddell has over 40,000 hours as a Counsellor, and has been teaching Living Wisdom to thousands of adults over the last 25 years. This online course focuses on taking the Living Wisdom teaching and APPLYING it to your life.


Living Wisdom Mindset

What would you give to get the breakthrough that you have been seeking in your life? And if you achieved it, how would your life change?


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Hungry for CHANGE that LASTS??

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of where you are at? Living Wisdom provides you with the tools and strategies to uplevel in your life.

Passionate about HELPING OTHERS??

Thousands of young people and adults have already been helped through the Living Wisdom approach. And you can be even better equipped to help others.

Ambitious for LIFE SUCCESS??

Living Wisdom provides cutting edge insights into how your mind works. These insights will provide the stepping stones to ensure your success.

"Without a doubt and without exaggeration Living Wisdom is the most life changing course I have ever done. It has literally overhauled my mental/emotional health, my relationships and my Christian faith. "

Matt Stott
Soul Tour

"Living Wisdom is truly Life Changing!"

Abby Woollaston
Director: Cream Consulting

"David is sitting on the best goldmine of wisdom I know of. Everyone who takes the time to do a little digging will come away immensely richer."

John Cowan
The Parenting Place

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