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Uncategorized Jul 24, 2018

Are you telling yourself the truth? Not if you are feeling powerless of fearful. Your thoughts must encourage you, not intimidate you.

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We must train our minds to encourage us if we are to have peace.


But sometimes our 'early thoughts' betray us. Those thoughts and conclusions we formed while still children. While still developing our abilities. When we may have been compared (or compared ourselves) with those who were older, faster, stronger, more popular...(the list goes on, and on.)


But how many of those thoughts were actually true?


And why am I still holding on to them?


Maybe it is time to reexamine them and discard them?


Replace them with adult truth?


To have peace in this life our minds must encourage us.


How are you doing on this front?


Never forget that you are a unique expression of LIFE and that you have talent, purpose, and destiny. And learning to live comfortably in and with this uniqueness is a...

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