RADICAL change that LASTS

Want to beat anxiety and build courage in your life?

What is Living Wisdom?

Living Wisdom is a faith based online learning experience designed for those AMBITIOUS for LIFE SUCCESS who desire RADICAL CHANGE THAT LASTS. Living Wisdom is a Christ centred approach to personal development that combines psychology, philosophy and theology.

"Without a doubt and without exaggeration Living Wisdom is the most life changing course I have ever done. It has literally overhauled my mental/emotional health, my relationships and my Christian faith. "

Matt Stott
Soul Tour

"David is sitting on the best goldmine of wisdom I know of. Everyone who takes the time to do a little digging will come away immensely richer."

John Cowan
The Parenting Place

"Living Wisdom is truly Life Changing!"

Abby Woollaston
Director: Cream Consulting


How does Living Wisdom work?

There are 4 STAGES for you to work through. Some of you will start at different places depending on the change you seek (our Quizz will help you work out where to start.)


Our initial focus is on giving you the HOW TOS you need to make your 'mind your friend'. So that every mood and emotion is a positive one, and you are at peace with yourself most of the time.

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Here our focus is on RELATIONSHIPS, and developing the lifeskills you need to survive and thrive in all your relationships.

The CONNECT school is coming in 2019. Register your interest HERE.


This is about achieving your POTENTIAL in the world of school, work or business. Gaining the motivation, persistence and skills you need to succeed. Setting goals that support your life purpose.

ACHIEVE school coming in 2019. Register your interest HERE.


Here our focus is on helping you too HELP OTHERS. You will learn the knowledge and processes you need to better coach family, friends and colleagues into the change they are looking for. The COACH+ stage will be offered to those interested in being certified as a professional Living Wisdom Coach.

Selection for COACH training dependent on completion and mastery of first 3 sections of Living Wisdom Online.


We have designed Living Wisdom with your progress and learning in mind.

Comprehensive teaching videos

Comprehensive and in-depth teaching videos for each of the 4 stages (each stage comprises 10 modules, with each module made up of 2 - 3 x 6-8 minute videos.)

Step by step learning activities

Activities designed to ensure you understand and can apply the materials covered in the teaching videos. Including challenges, self-reflection questions and journalling.

Weekly content and community

Live coaching calls, plus access to a Living Wisdom online community provide the support you need to achieve your radical change.

Support materials and certification

You will have access to PDFs that include summary of teaching, big ideas, and VOCAB. You will also receive certification on completion of each stage of learning, with opportunity to move into the COACH+ programme on completion of all 4 stages.

Beat anxiety and build courage into your life

Don't put off that change you want any longer. Live the life you dream of living. Get the tools to make it happen.


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